Museum Life is my way of documenting the never dull journey through my career and passions that have merged in museums for last 20+ years. I praise and question the role of museums daily. While I support the educational opportunities we can gain through museums, I still haven’t decided if the act of “collecting” is something I support. Yet I am fascinated to see what people have chosen to buy, take, dig up, donate, study, restore , exhibit and discuss for centuries.

While objects are at the core of museums, for me it is ultimately about people. We are simultaneously the makers, keepers and destroyers of material things  based on our values. The psychology and sociology related to each action fascinates me. I hope this blog inspires others to explore all the aspects of museum life for themselves.

Sandra Harris

  1. Paul Cotton
    April 27, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    I wonder what role do museums play in a childs life? If a child grows up without experiencing the wonders of a Natural History, or the culture of an art museum?

    As our journeys take different paths in what we call life, is it our pasts that define us? Or our character of the present?

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